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Petz Community Shows: Posing Your Dog

It's important to know that there are three different kinds of poses: Dane Poses, Dali Poses, and Three Quarters Poses.
This is a Dane Pose. Notice how the dog is looking straight forward, and you can only see one eye.

This is a Dali Pose. Notice how the dog is looking straight at the camera, and you can see both eyes.

This is a Dane Pose. Notice how the head placement is halfway between a Dane and a Dali pose.

So how do you get your dog to pose?

Pick up the dog and let her spin until her feet are aligned; poses should show as little of the two feet and legs that are farther away from the camera. With practice, you'll get a good feel of when to drop her.

I like to put my cursor in front of her nose (about an inch away), and sometimes I double click the screen to try to get her attention. If your cursor is behind the dog, she'll more likely look backwards, or turn aroud, which is the last thing you want after taking all that time to align her feet.

Start hitting your spacebar to take photos quickly! Soon, she should hopefully go into a pose. Save the ones you like the best.

Stopping to look at, and then save, poses can take a long time. Be sure you've turned on the Petz Camera autosave feature. Click "Options" in the menu bar and select general options. Make sure your camera settings are as follows:
Be careful, though; you can only take 256 pictures on Auto-Save mode. If you want to take more, you'll have to go to your PetzPix folder and delete some or move them to a sub-folder.

With your camera on Auto-Save, you should be doing some rapid-fire hitting of the spacebar. Go as fast as you can to increase your chances of capturing your pet at the perfect moment.

Now that we've discussed some posing techniques, let's go through some poses and identify what's wrong with each, but also what's okay.

• legs unaligned
• odd facial expression
• dog seems to be only "half posing"

• this dog may be about to pose, but she's not there yet
• ears "floating"
• leg alignment is pretty good
• neck not raised enough

• this is just weird....

This is an okay pose, but head is tilted slightly, as if the dog is about to turn to look to its left. Compare this picture with the Dali pose at the top of the page.

This is an okay Dali pose from a dane. It is challenging, especially with such long, thin legs, to cover up both of the far legs. It would be nice if the tail was more curled, as is the case with the two below.

• unaligned

• better than the last one, but still unaligned

This is a pretty decent dane pose.

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