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natural litters
hexed litters
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Enjoy these guys--no matter their role in your game, don't just take them for the sole purpose of redistributing them on your site. A lot of time and effort went into creating them for you.

Please keep "Cirrutopia" in their show name if they're shown! If you want to, let me know what you've done with your new pet(s) and I may post your updates here at Cirrutopia.

Greyscale Tabbies

some nice, simple kitties with poofy tails

Newsprint Russians

simple Russian Blues in "newsprint" colors

Black & Tan Russian Blues

I rarely hex cat litters... I've probably only ever done a handful... and apparently when I do, they end up with canine color patterns!

Halfie Allies

Image Map
A throwback to the days of halfie hexes... :)

By the way, I used the totally awesome to create the clickable litter pics!

Want to submit an idea for a hexed litter? I may not get to all of these, but I'm always willing to try new things! Send me your ideas!

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