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Mixed Breed Dogs

SGCH SHOTglass One Step Ahead at Cirrutopia OD ICP

"Chameleon" | October 24, 2011 | PKC #: P152562

Clone x Bison

Cirrutopia's [No Show Name Yet]

"Navi" | May 30, 2012

unknown x Elf

Sugarfli's Maria's Rose

"Maria's Rose" | May 31, 2001

Holly x Scrappy

SGCH. MSK's Texas Rose's Snappy Curry at Cirrutopia

"Violet" | October 27, 1998

Brianna x CDAC's Snap Dragon

____'s ____ at Cirrtopia

"Bergamot" | unknown

unknown X unknown

Cirrutopia's [No Show Name Yet]

"Daniel" | May 30, 2012

unknown x unknown

Fishwife's Soar Over The Sea at Cirrutopia

"Nellie" | June 19, 2017

Cake Mix X Franklin

Jeanie's Fancy Dancer at Cirrutopia

"Fancy" | June 26, 2017

Crockpot X Mr. Wiggles

PC CH Cirrutopia's Biorhythm Sliders

"Biorhythm" | unknown

unknown x unknown

PC CH Cirrutopia's Forty-Second Street

"Avenue" | unknown

unknown x unknown

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