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Mixed Breed Dogs

SGCH SHOTglass One Step Ahead at Cirrutopia OD ICP

"Chameleon" | October 24, 2011 | PKC #: P152562

Clone x Bison

Cirrutopia's [No Show Name Yet]

"Navi" | May 30, 2012

unknown x Elf

Sugarfli's Maria's Rose

"Maria's Rose" | May 31, 2001

Holly x Scrappy

SGCH. MSK's Texas Rose's Snappy Curry at Cirrutopia

"Violet" | October 27, 1998

Brianna x CDAC's Snap Dragon

____'s ____ at Cirrtopia

"Bergamot" | unknown

unknown X unknown

Cirrutopia's [No Show Name Yet]

"Daniel" | May 30, 2012

unknown x unknown

Fishwife's Soar Over The Sea at Cirrutopia

"Nellie" | June 19, 2017

Cake Mix X Franklin

Jeanie's Fancy Dancer at Cirrutopia

"Fancy" | June 26, 2017

Crockpot X Mr. Wiggles

PC CH Cirrutopia's Biorhythm Sliders

"Biorhythm" | unknown

unknown x unknown

PC CH Cirrutopia's Forty-Second Street

"Avenue" | unknown

unknown x unknown

Sugarfli's Maria's Rose

"Maria's Rose"

Maria's Rose was one of the very first petz born on our computer. She actually belonged (er, belongs) to my sister, but she may not be having much luck getting Petz on her Win8 machine, and now she lives several states away so I can't go and fix that. (Manda, if you're reading this, you can definitely have Maria's Rose back if you ever return to petz!) But for now she's mine! I believe she fits the Tamsin standard expect for her mutt ears. She has produced Tamsin pups.

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