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Me & Niagara the mustang

Studying hard

Me & Niagara at home

These are the same trees as in the previous picture... just a different season.

Baron accompanying me on my Crucifer duties because when he was left home alone, he tried to eat his cast off.

Studying one of my favorite topics

One day I'll have a flute like this!

Me & Niagara

Me & Myrna
This was actually a selfie; I took it with my DSLR, which has a timer, and a tripod. It wasn't easy to get a shot because I had to go to the tripod with Myrna, and then run us both back into position.

Sarah, Dr. Denton-Borhaug, and myself on graduation day!

Me & Baron on one of his first days home!

My sister (purple) and I sitting with Cirrus

Me & Andorra enjoying some ice cream

I love ceramics!

Andorra, post-bath

Me and Myrna

Battling on Murphy


When I'm not playing petz, I'm enjoying life on the farm where I live and teach horseback riding to typical and therapeutic students. When I come inside, I am transformed from riding instructor to graphic designer, and I design websites and am the art director of Sing Out!, a folk music magazine. On the rare occasion that I get to leave the property, I love to play flute (and sometimes even sing) at local Irish sessions.

Christ, You Often Sat At Dinner

...and occasionally, very occasionally, I write poetry:

Stopping My Work On A Sunny Morning

Andréa A. DeCarlo

Whose books are these, I think I know.
I should have read these a long time ago!
I'm running out of time, I fear
The pages are so very slow.

I certainly do think it queer
That our final exam is so near.
In a few more hours I will be done
With the last essay of the year.

I picture laying outside in the sun,
sleeping under the trees will be quite fun.
But into my mind quickly creep
the books that I have just begun.

These finals make me want to weep,
But I have GPAs to keep,
And essays to write before I sleep,
And essays to write before I sleep.

favorite music:

10,000 Maniacs, Blackwater, Poor Man's Gambit, Burning Bridget Cleary, Genesis, Natalie Merchant, Pete Seeger, Phil Collins, Solas

favorite books:

Reviving Ophelia, Where Is God: Earthquake, Terrorism, Barbarity, and Hope, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Ethan Frome, The Scarlet Letter

favorite foods:

Carvel ice cream cake, crock pot mac n' cheese, grilled salmon

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light."
- Dr. Albert Schweitzer

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